Presenting Your Property for Sale

Here are some top tips to help you prepare your property for sale. These are especially important when it is a buyer’s market and buyers have lots of properties to choose from. Your property has to stand out from the rest and it must be memorable for all the right reasons!

First Impressions

May sound obvious but you will only have one opportunity to make that ever, so make an important first impression. The front door and entry way need to be well presented and inviting buyers into the home. Ensure the front door is in good condition and if required give it a fresh coat of paint. Remove old door mats and replace with a new, door mat.


It is important that the buyers can imagine themselves living in your property. To help them with this, remove your family portraits from the walls. You can also pre-pack any awards and certificates that may adorn the walls. Otherwise viewers could end up chatting about your family and turns the occasion into a social one taking the focus away from the main purpose of the property viewing.


Less is more when it comes to selling your home. Create a more spacious feel to all your rooms and take the time now to take those items you have been meaning to put in the charity shop and pre-packing many of your personal items before your house goes on the market. Make sure your kitchen worktops are clear to show there is lots of food preparation and have a simple bowl of fresh lemons for example to set the scene for a Mediterranean lifestyle the buyers aspire to!


A clean home presents as a home that has been well cared for and buyers will notice this immediately and in some cases this will stop you getting a second viewing! Cleaning is an essential task in preparing your home for sale but make sure you de clutter first.


In this market there are many properties to choose from and most people are looking for an easy life – a holiday home ready to move into or a permanent home with little or no work required. Many buyers do not want to move into a house that has a lot of maintenance outstanding. A home that presents with a lot of repairs required can leave the buyer wondering about what else needs doing that they have not noticed and any offers will be a lot as a result. Take note and get those jobs tackled!

Lighten and Brighten

The lighter a room is the larger it feels. Not a problem in most Cypriot properties but if yours is darker make sure the walls are a neutral colour and make use of mirrors to bounce the natural light in the room. Ditch and dark curtains and replace with voiles.

Storage sells

Many of the properties here have a storage issue so if you have a storage area make the most of it with shelving etc. to maximise the space. Most buyers will have a look in the cupboards to see how much storage space the property has so ensure that what is left in your cupboards is neat and well presented.

We will be happy to give you an objective assessment of what you can do to make your house ready for sale and more importantly get a good price for your property! If you want to sell please call us today on 00357 26600437 to arrange an appointment.